NOTE: For NEW Membership or Renewals please contact Anne 07 800 2323 or via info@logancitybmx.org.au

The BMX Track is a Leased Facility and is RUN by Logan City BMX Academy and Volunteers, although the Public has the pleasure of using the Track we would like to make it clear that the Track is CLOSED to the Public when Club Activities are in Place. Our Valued Volunteers keep this Track in good Shape for the Public to use 70% of the Time so please respect this Facility!

Our Vision - To serve the Logan City community and the Australian bicycle industry with resources and concepts that will continue to keep families active while having FUN. Our committee brings over 50 years of BMX experience and will never lose its vision for leaving a legacy that will benefit hundreds of thousands of bicycle enthusiasts over its time. LCBA offers services to all skill levels and bicycle types. This eye-catching facility is open to the public 24/7 and hosts many exciting events and activities all year round. 

We cater for: Beginner Riders, Recreational Riders, MTB Riders, Licensed BMX Racers, Coaches, with more to come ... Our services include monthly club competitions, weekly training nights, annual events, weekly beginner development and training, cycle safety, school holiday and community group activities, seminars and workshops ...
Our team is made up of skilled volunteers who love making a difference ...
TEAM = Together - Everyone - Achieves - More


Due to our Roles being Volunteers we are only available via Email or Trackside at Gate/Race Nights
See our online Calendar to view Dates and Times


For Membership Info please check out the Website

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Click the below link and follow the Steps to Join or to Renew your Membership.
- Credit Card for your Membership Payment
- ID or Birth Certificate saved as a Jpeg (Only for NEW Members)

Once you have become a Member you can attend any of the below Events.

$3 Open Gates Every Thursday 6.30pm-8pm

Logan City BMX Gate Practice is every Thursday except the week that Racing is on.... New structure!!

First half hour of Gate Practice 6.30pm - 7.00pm is for new BMX members, sprockets and mini wheelers ONLY. All Riders (Besides Mini Wheelers) are welcome to stay on when Track opens to all other riders from 7.00pm - 8.00pm.

Members from other clubs are welcome to our Gate Practice sessions which are for ALL LICENSED Riders. Same price for Everyone $3 per Rider.  Please take your BMXA Membership Card.

To stay up to date check out the Club Calendar. If any Events are Cancelled due to weather, this will be posted on Facebook 1 Hour Prior. http://www.logancitybmx.org.au/home/calendar

Club Race Night: Registration Between 6pm-6.45pm $7 per Rider
Last Friday of every month - all ages/classes welcome - Licenced BMX Riders only!                             In Training? Wanna Race? Keen for Hot Laps with Friends? ... 
BMXdevelopment Beginners, All Age Classes, 30+ & MTB Welcome. Don't Miss Out!

See below the Club Calendar with details
ARE you New to BMX or a Beginner!
BIKE PLAY© are a Service Provider that run all the Development for Riders that are new to BMX or just Love Riding their Bikes.

Bike Play's systemised training platform minimises crashing and encourages rapid development. Riders will be educated on the fundamentals of BMX in a fun and safe environment learning lifesaving bike skills and becoming confident in their riding ability through games and exciting training drills * All riders from 4yrs – 15yrs are welcomed.

- BMX Membership
- Any Bike to begin with
- Long Sleeve Shirt
- Long Pants
- Enclosed Shoes
- Gloves
- Full Face Helmet

BIKE PLAY© stocks all the Helmets and Riding gear, ask about whats available at your session

MUST Pre Book your RIDE below the online Secure System
BMX Specific Coaching for the Experts!
BMXdevelopment are the Service Provider that run all the Coaching for Riders that are currently Racing within the Sport Competitively each week. (Example Racing Open Days, QLD Titles, Australian Titles Etc)

MUST Pre Book these Sessions via the below Website and please bring your BMXA Card

WE DO SAY NO TO BULLYING, see below the link to download the Policy

Logan City BMX Academy Inc. Policy & Procedure No. 4
Date Issued: 11th August, 2013

Subject: Bullying

Policy: Logan City BMX Academy adopt the Play by the Rules “Bullying”
For young people in particular, being the victim of bullying is a very
serious issue and can cause them to feel embarrassed, humiliated and
Intimidated. It can also affect a person’s physical and metal health, school life
and athletic performance.

As members of the community and as coaches, officials, parents, spectators
and club administrators, we have a moral, and sometimes even a legal,
responsibility to be more than just spectators. BMXA/BMXQ and Logan City
BMX Academy has zero tolerance towards any form of harassment/bullying.
BMX Queensland and Logan City BMX Academy is committed to the health,
safety and general well-being of all its members and supporters.

The organizations are dedicated to providing a safe, friendly and harmonious
environment for members and providers participating in any BMX activities.
Logan City BMX Academy greatly values the social and cultural significance
of sport for individuals and for the community. We all have the right to enjoy
our sport, at whichever level and in whatever capacity we participate. As an
organization, we are determined to be a leader in ensuring harassment-free
and non-discriminatory practices are implemented for the diverse range of all
our riders, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers and supporters.
If anyone witnesses or experiences bullying from any member, athlete,
official, spectator and or volunteer at a BMX event, please do no hesitate to
contact the respective officials on the day to ensure that these
incidents/concerns are processed in accordance with the policies and
procedures set forth in the respective Rule Book/ Member Protection policy.

This is a BMXA and BMXQ Policy adopted by Logan City BMX Academy Inc.

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